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About Us

Shenzhen Yunxunmedia Co., Ltd., is one of the country's very large and well-known electronic professional media. This print is complimentary issue, with easy access to save, fast transmission speed, large circulation, information feedback quickly and timely.
   This publication to the real issue of the terminal, to promote the development of SMEs, as the slogan, adhering to the issue is the life, the customer is God, the purpose of the service, and constantly strengthen the issue of work, expand the distribution channels.
Issue object:
◆The electronic products manufacturers:
Communication and digital equipment, multimedia and audiovisual equipment, computers and peripheral products, household appliances and automation equipment, SMT SMT processing, auto parts, medical equipment, LED lighting / driver, a switch power supply, DC \ AC power source, ballast, rectifier, set-top boxes, industrial control systems, instrumentation, electronic tools, equipment, appliances and controller.
◆The component manufacturer:
Active / passive components, in line / SMD components, devices, inductors, transformers and other magnetic devices, LED / LCD photoelectric display, wire connector and terminal, electronic hardware and plastic fittings and so on.
The electronic import and export business, agents, distributors.
The development, engineering and technical personnel and procurement department - electronic appliances manufacturers and scientific research units.
The electronics industry association, branch.
The Multi-National Corporation and trading company in Chinese Office (office).
Distribution channels:
 each machine manufacturers of electronic products in the development, engineering and technical personnel and procurement staff regular free express complimentary issue, this print is the main issue, accounting for 80% of the total print circulation.
That this print in the electronic distribution with offices, overseas general agent in Hong Kong, active service in the local electronic appliances manufacturers, quickly with the magazine issue in place.
◆ every year to participate in the nationwide dozens of electronic exhibition, master the latest industry dynamic and timely feedback to customers and readers, and of exhibitors and visitors, large numbers of people subscriptions. In order to increase publicity efforts.