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Use Agreement
1, General: You enter this site through the user registration page means that you yourself have agreed to enter into this agreement with this site. This site can be executed at its sole discretion to change the "Terms." If the "terms" of any change, this site will be published as a notice on this site. The revised "terms" after a publication on this website, immediately take effect automatically.
2, and remarks on copyright issues: users use the site system during the party and do not allow violations of national interests speech, leaking state secrets shall not publish remarks not publish information containing pornographic, shall publish damage their reputation remarks shall not infringe on the copyrights of published remarks like. User posted on forums, message boards and personal websites, copyright issues arising reprint articles and because the article contains defamation, slander, assault and other information all disputes or consequences borne by the user, this site is not responsible.This site respect the rights of others, it also requires our users to respect the rights of others. This website, where appropriate, in its sole discretion to delete article INFRINGEMENT terminate infringement or violation of the rights of the user account of others.
3, on operating activities: this site enables users to use the system during the station to conduct legitimate business, but because of the consequences caused by the fault of the user shall be borne by the user, this site has not been officially recognized all business activities are related to this official site irrelevant.
4, the user information: "Your information" includes your registration, the use of the site service process, in any public forum or through any e-mail to the site, or any other user-supplied information. You are responsible for "your information" bear full responsibility, but only as you publish the site and published "Your information" passive channels on the Internet.
If you register on this site, you agree:
According to the website published membership information request form to provide about you or your company's true, accurate, complete and reflect the present situation;
This site maintain and promptly update the information to keep it true, accurate, complete and reflect the current situation. If you provide any untrue, inaccurate, incomplete or does not reflect the current situation of information, this site or has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, incomplete or does not reflect the current situation, this site has the right to suspend or terminate your registration status and information in this site.
5, on account of security: During the registration process, you will select the member name and password. You are responsible for your member name and password confidential and shall assume responsibility for all activities that occur under your member name and password.
6, the system of copyright: this site all intellectual property developed or co-developed services ownership or right to use these services protected by applicable intellectual property, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents or other laws.
7, to protect the interests of users: the site will regularly backup user data, such as data loss due to operating errors, hackers, and server failures, this site will be restored as much as possible, but the damage caused in this case is force majeure, this site has the right to exemption. But the user the right to request an extension to use this site to take remedial measures in accordance with the service stop time. However, if the site because of poor management which led to the site can not continue the service, users have the right to request this site will return a user or user data to find other ways to be properly addressed in order to protect the legitimate rights of users.